Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion Advice

So my beautiful friend Kelsey asked me for some fashion advice concerning winter outfits, I actually don't want to go into details but I've been thinking about doing this project on my blog called 'Fashion Advice' (or whatever) for a really long time now. I do not want to seem like an ignorant, conceited girl that wants to show off her style and thinks she knows everything about fashion because I obviously don't. I just thought that it would be nice and helpful for other blogging girls and boys to get an opinion on an outfit or a specific piece or how to combine something fancy, basically everything concerning your wardrobe. I think the problem is that many famous bloggers don't have the time to respond to questions like that but this is also what they are there for, right? I can not promise that my advice will completely suit your taste but I will try and make the best out of it and of course check your blog so that I know what you would usually wear.
Here are the rules:
1. Post a link to an outfit, a certain piece of clothing, etc.
2. Tell me what kind of advice you need
3. If there's a bunch of questions, I'll pick some and post them on my blog

I hope this all makes sense?

Love - Anni


Sasssquatch said...


C h i Q . 21 said...

schöne bilder =) freue mich soooooooo auf den sommer *.*

Sasssquatch said...


Lee Oliveira said...

Great idea.. and also your outfit is gorgeous..
Divine shorts..
lee x

lookinginalookingglass said...

Oh this is such a wonderful idea! I love it! And I will definitely will be taking full advantage of your brilliant advice :*

Sasssquatch said...

in response to your comment, heels if I was going out but flats for everyday

I also have boots!

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